Canary is a platform to make you a service provider for many different types of services, increasing the chances of multiple requests for you through the following

  • The delivery of instant orders from certain stores to customers and you determine the right price for you.
  • Connecting consignments from clients to other clients
  • Domestic cargo operations within the city
  • Inter-city cargo operations depending on the ride type you have
  • To make it possible to subscribe to any other services added to the application in a simple and immediate way now all you have to download the application and registration in very easy steps or register here and we will contact you directly.

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Why Drive With Us


Greate Money

Increase your income in terms of providing multiple types of services at the same time that you can offer to customers, which increases the chances of flow and multiple requests for you and increase your income.


Drive Whenever you like

Your time is flexible as you are defining the time you are working with an icon either available or unavailable on the profile page.


You Are the Boss

You will become the manager of yourself and we will provide you a package of services growing and diverse to choose what fits and complies with your wishes to be able to serve your customers through us, while we will provide you with the necessary training to do your job as it should.